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Feb 28, 2017 2 min read

Out on the Town: What's Shaking at Stookey's Club Moderne

Out on the Town: What's Shaking at Stookey's Club Moderne
The Liberal. Photo: ©
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Last week, I had such a swell evening at STOOKEY’S CLUB MODERNE that I wanted to be sure you have this swank little spot on your cocktail radar. Every last Thursday of the month, they have Nick Rossi and his Moderne Men come in, and there’s nothing quite like listening to some acoustic jazz from the early swing era while looking at couples in their vintage finery who occasionally get up from their barstools and do a little fox-trot, Charleston, or other fancy footwork. They start at 8pm and play until 10:30pm, and I got to take in three sets. Mark you calendar for March 30th for the next one (or just sign up for the Stookey’s newsletter for a reminder—link is on their homepage).

Meanwhile, behind the stick, you can’t miss Solario, with his white jacket and dapper and waxed curled mustache, who is doing such a bang-up job with the cocktails, like making his own grenadine for the Clover Club. An updated spring menu is launching this week, with more than 20 cocktails to choose from.

This bourbon lover was smitten with the Liberal, with Old Grand-Dad 114 proof (whooooo), with Carpano Antica, Bigallet China-China, Regan’s orange bitters, served up with a cherry—this one will be taking over my Boulevardier as my new favorite. You can finish the night with the bullshot, a substantive and savory drink with gin, beef broth (!), and fresh lemon, with notes of celery from celery salt and celery bitters, with a little zip of Tapatio and Worcestershire sauce—it soundly gives the Bloody Mary a run for its money.

If you want to hop into a little portal to 1930s San Francisco and forget about self-driving cars running red lights and the Cheeto and other modern-day nightmares, here’s your spot. Although in a funny twist, the bar actually accepts Bitcoin, the first to do so. From Streamline Moderne to modern, here’s to thinking ahead while saluting the past. Cheers. Closed Sundays. 895 Bush St. at Taylor, 415-771-9695.

Nick Rossi and his Moderne Men. Photo: ©
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