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Jul 2, 2010 1 min read

SF Gets to Party on Köln and Düsseldorf Nights

SF Gets to Party on Köln and Düsseldorf Nights
A stange (glass) of cold Social Kölsch. Photo by Austin Hastings.
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Starting Monday July 5th, you’re going to have a great way to start your week at ~SOCIAL KITCHEN & BREWERY~ in the Inner Sunset. How great? Well, how about mimicking the way they do things in Köln and Düsseldorf, with a never-empty glass? That’s right: from 6pm-10pm, servers will be circulating throughout the room with trays of freshly-poured beers, serving you a nice cold one every time your glass is dangerously empty—so you never have to flag a server down again. SKB is going to be hosting this little recreation on their mezzanine (soon to become the mess-anine?), with Monday nights designated as Köln Nights, exclusively featuring Social Kölsch (4.8% ABV), and Tuesday nights will be Düsseldorf Nights, exclusively featuring Old Time Alt (4.5% ABV). Each glass of beer is $3, and will be tallied when you tap out. German appetizers (obaster cheese spread, sausages, pretzels, housemade mustard) will be offered, compliments of the house, from 6pm-7pm, and food may be ordered from the regular menu all evening. Meanwhile, if you want to partake in SKB’s other handcrafted beers, or prefer to order your beers one at a time, just stay put in the dining room. And for this launch week, brewmaster Rich Higgins will be on hand to answer any sudsy questions.

One more thing to note: the kitchen is now open until 11pm Sun-Thu, and until midnight Fri-Sat. Nice!

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