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Jul 8, 2014 2 min read

Tim Stookey (Presidio Social Club) and Fiancée Opening Stookey's Club Moderne

Tim Stookey (Presidio Social Club) and Fiancée Opening Stookey's Club Moderne
Tim Stookey and Leslie Cole on the town. Photo courtesy of Tim Stookey.
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Last week I was very happy to see a picture on Facebook of a license transfer (posted in a bar window) and a telltale hat peeking above it. That’s right, friends, Presidio Social Club’s snazzy bar manager, Tim Stookey, is partnering with his fiancée, Leslie Cole, and her cousin, Aaron Cole, to take over the former Yong San Lounge in Lower Nob Hill. (Eater noted the license transfer as well—the past year the space was operating as The Royal Tug Yacht Club from Duncan Ley, Benjamin Bleiman, and Mark DeVito—yeah, the place with the 20-foot squid.)

Taking its place will be STOOKEY’S CLUB MODERNE, a sophisticated cocktail lounge that should feel like a little time machine back to 1934, at the end of Prohibition. (The name is also a tip of the cap to the Club Moderne that used to be at 555 Sutter.) The 1930s-themed cocktail bar will feature 1930s music and décor—they are on the hunt for an Art Deco back bar, and will be putting in linoleum over the current concrete floor. The place will feel like a little jewel box where you enjoy a cocktail (or two) before or after dinner or a show, and to create a destination for people who want to spiff up and hit the town. In the spirit of creating an atmosphere of connection and conversation, Leslie Cole mentioned they want to host some monthly gatherings to discuss San Francisco history, cocktails, books, films, and the like.

We had a quick chat about the cocktail list, and Stookey is thinking about including drinks like the Corpse Reviver #2, the Southside, and a Chelsea Sidecar (he also mentioned he was considering a special cocktail that was made in honor of the 75th anniversary of the Golden Gate Bridge). Of course there will be fresh and seasonal fruits and ingredients, and he’s hoping to secure a barrel of 100 Reasons rye; they will also be offering some quality wines on tap.

The current targeted opening date is October 1st, and Stookey’s departure from the Presidio Social Club (he has been there for more than seven years!) depends upon when they get the keys, which could be a couple of weeks or a month. Now we all have something to really look forward to this fall. 895 Bush St. at Taylor.

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