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Dec 15, 2023 4 min read

SOLD OUT! Shipping Tuesday! Get the Tastiest Gift in Town: tablehopper’s Taste of San Francisco Holiday Gift Box with Feed!

SOLD OUT! Shipping Tuesday! Get the Tastiest Gift in Town: tablehopper’s Taste of San Francisco Holiday Gift Box with Feed!
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Get a true taste of SF with 12 items curated by tablehopper in this holiday gift box with Feed!

WE ARE SOLD OUT, THANK YOU EVERYONE! I know many of you are doing holiday shopping this weekend, and I want to be sure you have tablehopper’s Taste of San Francisco Holiday Gift Box with Feed high on your list! Now in its fourth year, your trusty tablehopper has curated such a tasty gift box of 12, oh-so-delicious, unique, gourmet products from SF restaurants and makers, the majority of them from people of color, queer, and women makers, and many are personal favorites of mine. From hot mustard from Chinatown stalwart Sam Wo Restaurant, to salted chocolate honeycomb from Petite LaFleur, to cult classic granola from b. Patisserie, every item has a flavor story to tell. 

A huge upgrade this year: my new gift box partner Feed will be able to deliver it all up and down the West Coast (click the deliver link to see where!), from Seattle to Los Angeles and San Diego, as well as to Palm Springs, Phoenix, Scottsdale, Santa Fe, Salt Lake City, Denver, Las Vegas, and more! 

What is Feed? It’s a community of people who love discovering great and hard-to-find products and get them delivered from CA to CO, five times a week! You’ll need to create an account with Feed in order to place your order, but it’s easy-peasy.

You can get a tablehopper’s Taste of San Francisco Holiday Gift Box sent to your doorstep here in the City, or Sebastopol, or Santa Cruz, and easily ship one to your cousin in Idaho who really misses SF! Feed starts shipping on Tuesday December 19th!

So, I’ll be honest: I thought with this new and amazing shipping footprint, that we would have sold more by now, but we haven’t. We also worked really hard to keep the price low this year, inflation be damned! If you’re even sorta-kinda debating about buying a gift box, I’m here to ask you to please do it! Your purchase will make a difference to every small business in the box, and there’s a donation included with each box sold to the SF-Marin Food Bank, who could also really use our support right now.

Here’s a list of every fabulous item in the box, and you can head over here to read about each delicious item in more depth and why I love each and every one of them!

Meet the holiday gift box of your dreams:

⭐︎ Under the Mistletoe Chocolate Collection by Kokak (4-pc.)

⭐︎ Salted Chocolate Honeycomb by Petite LaFleur (2.5 oz bag)

⭐︎ Granola by b. Patisserie (8 oz.) 

⭐︎ Sam Wo Restaurant Authentic Hot Mustard (4 oz.)

⭐︎ Calabrian XO Chili Sauce by Pasta Supply Co. (6 oz.)

⭐︎ Obe Ata Din Din Sauce by Eko Kitchen (8 oz.)

⭐︎ Amaretti Cookies by Emporio Rulli (22 oz.)

⭐︎ Neapolitan Espresso by Mr. Espresso (12 oz.)

⭐︎ Scarlet Fire® Hot Sauce (5 oz.).

⭐︎ Nam Jim Ped Spicy Cilantro Sauce from Kitiya (8 oz.)

⭐︎ Furikake Chex Mix by Sunday Bakeshop (4.4 oz.)

⭐︎ Seasons Greetings from SF Letterpress Card from Coffee n Cream Press.

So how’s that for an extravaganza of flavor? tablehopper’s Taste of San Francisco Holiday Gift Box with Feed is $200 (click to order), and 100 percent fabulous.

Remember, you can split it all up into multiple gifts, or share with a friend, or send it as a surprise to someone! Who wouldn't be excited for this curated Taste of SF?

If you’re a tablehopper supporting subscriber, you’ll get a special code for a free jar of Red Jalapeño Chile Flakes, thanks to Burlap & Barrel (this vine-ripened chile is from Fire Tongue Farms in Santa Cruz). You’ll also get a code from Feed for 15 percent off your next order! Thanks for becoming a supporting subscriber!

The gift box is available to pre-order now, and boxes will be shipped starting Tuesday December 19th (the arrival date depends upon where you live; it will be December 20th–22nd, the website will tell you when you have it in your cart). You can continue to order the gift box into December, as long as supplies last!

GRAZIE MILLE to Feed for helping me keep this hopper holiday tradition going. Download their app on iOS and Android, and be sure to follow tablehopper on Feed to see my other favorite products!

Almost everything will be shelf stable, but thanks to Feed, we can deliver a couple cool items that will need to get into the fridge when you receive your delivery, so don’t let the box sit out for a couple days. Unfortunately, there are no substitutions or custom orders. If there’s something you can’t eat or enjoy, I’m sure you can find someone who will! Yay, regifting! All sales are final, no refunds or returns.

Huge gratitude for all of you who continue to support the many makers and independent restaurants and pop-ups and food businesses featured in this annual gift box. Some of you order one every year, and it’s so appreciated! As you know, it’s still rough out here: pandemic-related issues keep dragging on, inflation is hitting hard, and our local businesses continue to fight to survive, so let’s do what we can to show up for and celebrate them!

BIG thanks to ABC-7: I’m going to be talking about the gift box on the morning show with Reggie at 7:45am on Tuesday morning ☀️, tune in! I promise I will be in a festive caftan.

On behalf of all our local restaurants, makers, and food businesses, thank youuuu! We appreciate all your kind and generous support. Our Bay Area hospitality industry is so special, thanks for showing up for it and sharing it. And very heartfelt thanks to Feed for helping me continue to do this! Ho ho ho!

~ XO from Marcia, AKA Champers the elf 🥂

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