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Mar 2, 2010 1 min read

Festa Della Donna

Festa Della Donna
Art by Kelly Tunstall.
Table of Contents

One of my favorite annual events is here: FESTA DELLA DONNA (International Women’s Day) returns on Monday March 8th. And ~A16~ always does it in style: chef Liza Shaw will be preparing a special à la carte menu in addition to their regular menu, and pastry chef Lori Rich will be preparing some special treats. Shelley Lindgren, Ehren Jennings, and the other fabulous ladies of the sommelier team have selected wines entirely from women winemakers to accompany the special dishes. The room will be decorated with yellow mimosas, the flower traditionally handed to Italian women on this day. In addition, they will be donating profits to La Cocina and to the Red Cross for Haiti.

Here’s more from the press release: “International Women’s Day has evolved and taken on different meanings over the years, and throughout the world it has always been strongly associated with the victories and/or tragedies of women’s struggles and women’s rights. The 1911 Triangle Shirt Waist Factory Fire in New York was an event that was both tragic and victorious, and it is often commemorated in Italy for it was mostly Italian and Jewish women workers who perished in the building. A terrible fire broke out while the exit doors of the building were locked to prevent labor organizing, and it claimed the lives of 146 female immigrant workers. However, it is from a tragedy such as this, that we began to make new progressive labor laws. This tragedy, which led to triumph, is represented in the yellow, sunny mimosa, and as one of March’s first flowers, it symbolizes the promise of spring after the darkness of winter.”

Art by Kelly Tunstall.

Event Info

           Monday Mar  8, 2010

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