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Jan 24, 2014 1 min read

(Sponsored): FoodieTV Invites You Beyond the Plate

(Sponsored): FoodieTV Invites You Beyond the Plate
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FoodieTV is a free app for iPhone and iPad that celebrates the story behind the food with five bite-sized videos handpicked every week—each an ode to the passionate work of a farmer, forager, or chef.

Every Wednesday, the app showcases a carefully chosen handful of beautifully produced videos that transport you around the world.

Check out the story of an Australian hunter-gatherer who builds his own cold smokehouse, a Swedish tattoo artist who unleashes a movement when he opens a taco truck on the streets of Stockholm, and a rural French pharmacist who leaves it all behind to take up cheesemaking, among many other mouthwatering videos.

Download FoodieTV and journey beyond the plate.

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