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Oct 20, 2015 2 min read

(Sponsored): Kick-Start Your Morning with the Farm-to-Cup Flavors of Kona

(Sponsored): Kick-Start Your Morning with the Farm-to-Cup Flavors of Kona
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Attention coffee lovers! (And we here in the Bay Area LOVE our coffee.) There’s a new hand-harvested, farm-to-cup, small-batch coffee coming your way via the magical island of Kona, Hawaii, the origin of some of the world’s most delicious, sought-after coffee and the only source of coffee produced in the U.S.

Carta Coffee Merchants is a new start-up farm and coffee venture dedicated to producing the finest 100 percent Kona coffee expressions. In the final week of a Kickstarter campaign to offer coffee lovers an exclusive chance to preorder its first release of artisan roasts, Carta is also sharing money raised with the Kahalu’u Bay Education Center, which educates the many visitors to Kona’s beautiful Kahalu’u Bay on proper reef etiquette and ecosystem stewardship.

Foodies take note: Carta founder Scott Burr—a California winemaker-turned-coffee farmer—is using his winemaking background to present some really innovative techniques to his customers, which will be the cornerstone of the Carta Coffee portfolio. He’ll offer side-by-side samplers of different processing styles and will present roast and harvest selections from specific growth plots.

Already excited about bringing this taste of Hawaii home with you? Well, it gets better: in this final week of the campaign, Carta Coffee is offering tablehopper readers a chance to double their coffee rewards. Back Carta’s Kickstarter campaign with $25 or more and email proof of your donation to tablehopper. The first 10 supporters will automatically get your “own” coffee tree (with plaque included!) on Carta’s home estate, Nolyssa Farm, along with extra Carta Coffee and a Carta Coffee Merchants mug. Backers will also be entered into a drawing for an additional pound of coffee and some cool merchandise (T-shirt, French press, gift cards with beautiful photos of Carta’s Nolyssa Farm, or other gift item). The extra coffee alone is valued at roughly $40! Carta’s official online store will launch next month.

Follow Carta’s farm-to-cup journey on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. Cheers to good coffee!

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