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Dec 1, 2015 2 min read

Jake Gyllenhaal

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A-Lister at Cala

December  1, 2015

By Dana Eastland. Superfab actor and noted pretty person Jake Gyllenhaal was spotted at Cala by a tablehopper reader yesterday.

I Just Can't Quit This Burrata

May 14, 2013

The very dreamy Jake Gyllenhaal dined at Locanda last night. He enjoyed the Jewish-style artichokes, the bucatini all’amatriciana, the burrata cuscini with crawfish, and the bavette steak. My spy said he also toasted with a glass of Pievalta Verdicchio dei Castelli di Jesi.

Jake Gyllenhaal: Ramen Eater

January 10, 2012

A bunch of tweets flowed in on Saturday, spotting a bearded and sunglassed Jake Gyllenhaal at the Ferry Plaza Farmers Market. @foodiehunter shares that he ended up stopping at Hapa Ramen; further digging reveals he ordered a miso market bowl with an egg. (I’m trying to work a fertilization joke in there somewhere, but I’m just going to let it be.)

A Very Thirsty Jake

December  6, 2011

According to this tweet from Bi-Rite Market, Jake Gyllenhaal dashed into the market this morning: “Hold the phone, @jakegyllenhal just came in to the Market! Unfortunately, he only bought waters :-( Wonder what he’s in town for??”

A follow-up tweet about the sighting that was sent to Eater’s twitter account mentions seeing Jakey at nopa on Sunday night. After confirming with the nopa crew, I learned he sat at the communal table! I know, this is one of those moments when you’d really loooove communal seating. He was reportedly very kind to the server, who said he was really cool and down to earth. (And don’t forget hot!) He had the fried Brussels spouts, avocado salad, and chicories salad (yeah, that’s a lot of salad), plus a glass of wine. He departed when the restaurant got really busy.

Even Dreamboat Jake Gyllenhaal Brunches at Foreign Cinema

September 27, 2011

This was one lucky reader, who got to sit next to Jake Gyllenhaal at Foreign Cinema on a Sunday afternoon. The tipster reports: “He was dining on French toast and he was with two other ladies, presumably screenwriters because they were discussing a script.” Le swoon.

What's a Hotter Dish Than Zuni's Roasted Chicken?

August  2, 2011

Yeah, that would be Jake Gyllenhaal, who was spotted dining at Zuni Café on Friday night with an unidentified female. Thanks to editor Brock Keeling of SFist, who sent me the sighting (the tip was sent to him by two friends dining at Zuni, and confirmed by the waitstaff. Sadly, neither friend would ask the waitstaff what Jake was eating.).

A Star Sighting to Be Grateful For: Jake Gyllenhaal

April  6, 2010

This report from a tablehopper reader was so cleverly written that I’m just gonna post it verbatim: “Just had lunch at Cafe Gratitude en la Mission and Jake Gyllenhaal was there with a small group of people who looked very non-crunchy SF. Everyone was cool in the restaurant till he got up to leave, and then there was a flutter of folks trying to talk to him. Best was the chick in the “Ask me about Slow Sex” shirt who went up to introduce herself and talk about….? Ah, I love San Francisco. He’s so yummy, I know it sounds cashew-cheesy but I hope he ordered the ‘I am beautiful.’” Amen, sister.

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