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Oct 18, 2016 1 min read

Tyra Banks

Table of Contents

Fierce Dining

October 18, 2016

I’m a couple of weeks late on reporting this one—whoops, forgot about it in my Twitter messages—but anyway: the stunning Tyra Banks was spotted dining in Nightbird. (She was in town to speak at the Brit + Co Re:Make Festival and is touring around with the launch of her new skin care line.)

Never Dull Your Dumpling for Somebody Else

September  1, 2015

Supermodel and superwoman Tyra Banks was spotted at Chino on Saturday evening. She was with a group including her mother and a pair of friends and their son. The group ordered steamed buns with bacalao, XLB, cucumber salad with chile-miso, eggplant salad, kung pao ribs, fish and leek dumplings, and tomato salad. Reportedly, the group was lovely to the staff and even boogied a little to the evening’s music selections.

America's Next Top Breakfast

May 27, 2014

Highly quotable model and television personality Tyra Banks was spotted at Poggio on Saturday May 17th, having breakfast. She was looking gorgeous, says our spotter.

America's Next Top Grilled Cheese

October  2, 2012

The American Grilled Cheese Kitchen that the beautiful Tyra Banks stopped in over the weekend for a grilled cheese breakfast.

America's Next Top Diner

August  7, 2012

Supermodel and TV host Tyra Banks came in to Prospect to dine with a friend. My spotter says she was wearing casual pants and a tank along with stylish black strappy heels. She reportedly enjoyed the summer melon and fig salad, the New York steak and short rib entrée, and a bourbon peach sundae to top it off. She drank the alcohol-free “no-mojito,” requesting a sugar-free version. Despite her supermodel stature, my spotter says she was surprisingly unassuming and low key.

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