Hapa Ramen's Mission Location Revealed


The front of 2293 Mission St. Photo: Dana Eastland. © tablehopper.com.

The ~HAPA RAMEN~ team (Richie Nakano, Tobi Stuart) has been pointedly secretive about not wanting to reveal the exact location of their upcoming restaurant on Mission Street, only posting a few cryptic pictures and a video of the space online (oooh, the suspense!). But after following up on a vague tip and putting a few details together (all those years of reading Nancy Drew and The Hardy Boys come in handy, let me tell you), let me reveal that the location is 2293 Mission at 19th Street.

The 2,400-square-foot space was previously a 99-cent store, and neighbor Marco Senghor (Baobab) was looking to lease it around four years ago to open an art gallery. It looks like it’s still going to be a ways out: there was a complaint filed last October (“work beyond scope of permit; illegal change of use”); a change-of-use application was then filed in November, a process that isn’t known for being speedy (or a sure thing). Looks like time will tell (and keep on slipping slipping) on this one. 2293 Mission St. at 19th St.