Nopalito Opening a Second Location in the Inner Sunset


The interior of the former Bistro 9; Yelp photo by B. W.

Exciting news for Inner Sunset dwellers: later this year—say, October or November—~NOPALITO~ will be opening a second location in the former Bistro 9 space on 9th Avenue. The lease was just signed last week on the space, which is going to offer a significantly bigger kitchen for the team, and more seats for you: about 80 total.

The larger kitchen means the masa and other items will probably be made at this location for both restaurants; and there’s a basement, which will allow more room for nopa and Nopalito’s whole animal program. There’s also talk of a smoker, and possibly a grill in the outdoor patio space (which won’t be used for seating). All this means Nopalito chefs Gonzalo Guzman and Jose Ramos will have more opportunities to experiment and expand the menu’s offerings. There will be beer and wine to start, although full liquor may enter the program as well. Is the Inner Sunset thirsty for mezcal? Time will tell. Construction is going to be a bit extensive, so stand by for updates. 1224 9th Ave. at Lincoln.