January 27, 2009

I normally have Pete Mulvihill of Green Apple Books write this column, but I had to add this book into the mix, because I love eggs so much, oh yes I do.

I have coveted Foreign Cinema’s cookbook, Country Egg, City Egg, for a long time. The first edition was out of print for a while, so I could only look at my friend’s copy, until now! The book has been republished in-house and is again available for purchase for $19.95 at the restaurant and through the website (well, you’re supposed to be able to, but the site still says it’s out of print, so stand by).

You know how good Foreign Cinema’s egg dishes are, right? Now I know how they make their delicious balsamic-fried eggs! And I just learned the trick of putting truffles into beaten eggs a day before using them to infuse more flavor, brilliant. And I now have a plan for the leftover duck fat I have in my fridge. Yes, I will be frying eggs in it, and then going for a long and strenuous walk.