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Feb 5, 2013 2 min read

Acquerello Team Launching a New Project on Polk Street: 1760

Acquerello Team Launching a New Project on Polk Street: 1760
Gianpaolo Paterlini. Photo: Daniel Morris.
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After pestering co-owner Giancarlo Paterlini of ~ACQUERELLO~ for weeks about some gossip I heard about a second project in the works, I can finally release the details. The Acquerello team (co-owners Giancarlo Paterlini and Suzette Gresham, and wine director Gianpaolo Paterlini, Giancarlo’s son) are opening ~1760~, a more casual concept in the former Parrilla Bar and Grill space on Polk Street. In a way, it’s very similar to what Quince did opening Cotogna—1760 will be the place you can swing by for a midweek dinner, while Acquerello is designated more for special occasions.

The team has hired executive chef Adam Tortosa from Los Angeles—his background includes an apprentice position under master sushi chef Katsu-ya Uechi (Tortosa spent four years under the guidance of Katsu-ya, and was eventually the chef Katsu-ya’s signature restaurant, Kiwami). Most recently, he was working for chef Michael Voltaggio at Ink. So, yes, at 1760 you can expect some stunningly sourced seafood, but the concept is Italian-inspired California cuisine. Tortosa just returned from a research trip throughout Italy with Gianpaolo, visiting Piemonte, Liguria, coastal Tuscany, Campania, Abruzzo, Le Marche, and time in Roma, Modena, and Milano. Si, they did some quality eating, from three stars to trattorie, and now he’s recipe testing and learning in the Acquerello kitchen as construction gets under way.

Acquerello has been open for 23 years, with legions of committed regulars (and big fans, which I definitely am), so it will be exciting to see where son Gianpaolo takes this next iteration of the family business. Considering he practically grew up in the restaurant, while the tablecloths may disappear, his service standards will assuredly remain high. Gianpaolo’s wine list is going to be notable, with 250 labels (both European and domestic—not just Italian), and there will also be a full bar (stand by for details soon on who will be running the bar).

It’s a huge corner space, which they have completely gutted (they will be adding some windows on the Washington Street side). John Wheatman—who was behind the design refresh for Acquerello in 2010—will be designing the new space, which will have 60 seats plus bar seating; there will be a communal table, and the room will be decorated in earth tones. They are currently targeting a late April opening. Can’t. Wait.

Gianpaolo Paterlini. Photo: Daniel Morris.

The exterior of the former Parrilla space. Photo: ©
The spacious interior has been completely gutted. Photo: ©
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