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Apr 29, 2014 1 min read

Big 4 Chef Named: Kevin Scott

Big 4 Chef Named: Kevin Scott
Chef Kevin Scott. Photo provided by Glodow Nead.
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After hearing some rumors about who the chef was going to be for the ~BIG 4~, replacing longtime chef Gloria Ciccarone-Nehls, the official hire has just been named: Kevin Scott, formerly of Paragon, Bar Jules, and Hog Island Oyster Bar. He will be working with the Puccini Group operations team on the menu, which “speaks to classic San Francisco with a focus on local, Bay Area ingredients in simple and straightforward, no-fuss cuisine.” His menu officially launches May 23rd—Puccini Group’s culinary team developed an interim menu that will be further evolved by Scott now that he’s on board. Stand by for more details soon on the restaurant’s reopening, which is happening Tuesday May 6th. (I know, that’s next week!)

Chef Kevin Scott. Photo provided by Glodow Nead.

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