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May 3, 2011 1 min read

Coda Has Reopened as the Brick & Mortar Music Hall

Coda Has Reopened as the Brick & Mortar Music Hall
Exterior photo by Daniel Azarkman.
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A tablehoppin’ Missionite told me a partner in The Independent on Divisadero was reopening the shuttered Coda. After a little poking around, lo and behold, it’s Michael O’Connor, one of the founding owners and partners at The Independent, in addition to starting and owning The New Parish and Hibiscus in Oakland. The space has reopened as BRICK & MORTAR MUSIC HALL—and is already hosting some shows while operating under the Coda permits (the owner of Coda, Bruce Hansen, is remaining a partner in B&M).

O’Connor mentioned there will be a food component but that “isn’t totally inked in stone yet,” but he does share this: “I can say that it won’t be a supper club but more of a casual vibe with no reservations and no OpenTable. I’d like it to feel more like an Austin music/food spot, however without any delicious BBQ… I recruited Sarah Kirnon and designed and built the interior at Hibiscus to complement her food and I’m hoping to lock in another one of my favorite chefs to create a more casual version of what he already does.”

In the meantime, beginning this Friday May 6th at 5pm, caterer neighbor Crimson Kitchen will be serving “Bombay Bar Food.” Indian native Meghna Agarwal will be serving a variety of dishes (all under $9), like Kali Mirch Chicken ($7.50), black pepper and chicken; Ajwaini Bhindi ($6.50), fried okra with spices; and Chatpate Aloo ($6.50), fried and spiced potatoes. Look for these dishes and more every Thursday, Friday, and Saturday from 5pm-12am until mid to late June (it’s a temporary thing). And you can check out the upcoming musical lineup here. 1710 Mission St. at Duboce.

Exterior photo by Daniel Azarkman.

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