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Aug 4, 2015 1 min read

Daniel Patterson Stepping Down as Chef at Coi, Chef Robert Helstrom Leaves Kuleto's

Daniel Patterson Stepping Down as Chef at Coi, Chef Robert Helstrom Leaves Kuleto's
Coi. Photo by Maren Caruso.
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Some big news from the Daniel Patterson Group regarding ~COI~: chef and owner Daniel Patterson has decided to step down from his role as executive chef, and Matthew Kirkley (previously of Chicago’s L20, where he earned two Michelin stars) will be the chef, starting January 12th, 2016. In a personal note on the Coi website, Patterson shares that after nearly 10 years of 90-hour workweeks, he wants to step back a bit to have more time with his family (especially since things are also heating up with Loco’l, his joint project with Roy Choi). The Daniel Patterson Group will continue to own, operate, and support Coi (in addition to the group’s other restaurants: Alta CA, Plum Bar, Haven, Aster, and Kim Alter’s upcoming restaurant).

Another big piece of news: after 28 years at KULETO’S, chef Bob Helstrom has decided to leave. (Seems the latest ownership/management company is a bit too focused on cutting expenses, and it didn’t jibe well with Helstrom’s commitment to quality.) He is now enjoying working with a firm doing commercial kitchen design and consulting. Good news: he reports his salumi-making skills are in demand, so even though we won’t be able to swing by for a plate of his excellent salumi at Bar Norcini, I’m glad his talents are still being put to good use!

Coi. Photo by Maren Caruso.

A housemade charcuterie plate at Kuleto’s. Photo via Facebook.
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