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Oct 11, 2011 2 min read

Dennis Lee to Be the Chef at Magnolia's Brewpub Project in Dogpatch

Dennis Lee to Be the Chef at Magnolia's Brewpub Project in Dogpatch
Photo of Dave McLean by Jennifer Yin.
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I had a chance to catch up with Dave McLean of Magnolia/Alembic to hear the latest on his MAGNOLIA BREWERY project in Dogpatch. He expects building permits to finally be signed by next week (woo hoo, it has been a process), so things will be able to start ramping up for a targeted opening in May/early summer of 2012.

He was able to release more details about the restaurant concept, which is going to have 70-80 seats, and focused around American barbecue—it will form the third “B” in the holy trinity of beer and bourbon (more on that in a sec). And in an interesting twist, he’s going to be bringing on chef Dennis Lee of Namu and the upcoming Gaji as his chef. McLean said they eat at each other’s restaurants often, and like what they do, so a collaboration was inspired and sealed. While the core of the menu will be based around American barbecue and a farm-to-table philosophy, some of Lee’s Asian culinary influences are sure to enter the picture as well (they will also be researching a variety of different woods and fuel sources). As for the timing, Gaji should be up and running early in 2012, so Lee is going to be one busy guy, but the transition from opening one new project and then this one should work out.

McLean mentioned Daniel Hyatt of The Alembic is working on the bar program, and American whiskey is going to be the focal point. There will be 20 taps of Magnolia beer (up from the Haight Street location’s 12 taps), plus 5-6 local wines on tap. Click here to read my previous piece with more details about the brewery. Looking forward to seeing this take shape even more in the new year! 2505 3rd St. at 22nd St.

Photo of Dave McLean by Jennifer Yin.

Chef Dennis Lee; photo by Mo Gorjestani.
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