Even More Evil Things to Tempt You at Tony's Pizza Napoletana


Tony Gemignani. © FrankenyImages.com.

As if Tony Gemignani’s menu of pizzas at ~TONY’S PIZZA NAPOLETANA~ wasn’t enough, he’s added some intriguing new items as well. Perhaps the most notable addition is his new gluten-free pizza that he has been perfecting for nine months. It is cooked in its own dedicated gas oven, with its own counter and chef in order to avoid contamination. Yeah, that’s dedicated. He has also started offering a Detroit-style pizza, which is a “red top” pizza cooked in blue steel Detroit pans with brick mozzarella, white cheddar, tomato sauce racing stripes, and garlic butter-toasted edges. Vroom. Then there’s the Fear & Loathing pizza, topped with slow-cooked pulled pork in tamarind, serrano and habañero peppers, citrus, tomato, mozzarella, fresh cactus and agave salsa, and queso fresco.

And for meat lovers who have low cholesterol (or are perhaps fearless, with high cholesterol), there’s the new fire-roasted bone marrow and coppa fondue, with Gruyère cheese and white wine, served with toasted buttered bread, sliced coppa, wood-fired bone marrow, and a side of Gorgonzola. (You can also get some marrow in the new speck and marrow calzone for two.) Mamma mia.