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Mar 15, 2016 3 min read

Join tablehopper for a Vietnamese Feast with the Wines of Vinho Verde

Join tablehopper for a Vietnamese Feast with the Wines of Vinho Verde
Banh Tom Co Ngu: sweet potato, rock shrimp and salt cod tempura/fritter; photo courtesy of Rob Lam.
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I am so thrilled to be hosting this upcoming event, one that has me flying from New York back to SF! On Friday April 15th, this will be the first in a series of three events I am hosting that will feature Asian chefs cooking their favorite dishes and authentic home cooking, paired with the versatile Portuguese wines of Vinho Verde. And since we’re partnering with Feastly, we’re going to be dining in a cool and unique location in the Mission too!

Our first event, a Vietnamese feast is with chef Rob Lam of Butterfly, who is also a dear friend and one of my very favorite people to dine out with (his palate is amazing). I have been lucky to enjoy some of his home cooking and dishes you won’t find on the menu at Butterfly, so now it’s your chance to try his seriously delicious Vietnamese cuisine.

Rob was born in Vietnam, and when his family moved to Southern California after the fall of Saigon, his mother opened a restaurant called Vien Dong, just outside of Los Angeles, so restaurants are in his blood. And since Rob cares deeply about using quality ingredients, expect some soigné touches, like king crab and pork belly in your banh xeo crêpe (!).

We also have a very special guest this evening: sommelier and wine educator Eugenio Jardim, winner of Sunset Magazine’s 2010 Sommelier of the Year Award! Eugenio is known for his warm and charming ways (and fabulous Brazilian accent) and deep knowledge of wine, especially Portuguese wine. He’ll be teaching us all about the wines of Vinho Verde throughout the evening.

Vinho Verde wines are like no other in the world. Located in the northwestern part of Portugal, the lush green landscape lends itself to the production of young, refreshing wines that are extremely versatile partners for all kinds of food, which is why we wanted to show you how well they will pair with a multitude of Vietnamese dishes. Best known for white wines, Vinho Verde also produces reds, rosés, and sparklers—all of which offer one of the best wine values on the market. Get ready to discover something new!

The event will begin at 6:30pm for passed appetizers (like oc rieu/periwinkle shots with nuoc cham foam and Vietnamese cilantro) and two wines from Vinho Verde (Quinta da Raza and Casa de Vilacetinho). You can view the entire menu and pairings here.

The sit-down dinner begins around 7:15pm, and I hope you arrived hungry, because it’s going to be a feast (take a look at the menu here). There will be three courses of authentic and flavorful dishes—including the famed Cha Ca Thang Long (turmeric grilled catfish with rice noodles and herb salad) and Bun Bo Hue (spicy lemongrass oxtail stew, Hodo Soy soft tofu, and micro shiso)—with some served family style. With each course, you’ll get to enjoy two wines from Vinho Verde; there will also be a dessert course (no pairings, but you should have had more than enough by then!). We’re planning to wrap up around 9:30pm, but you can expect to linger a bit longer.

Tickets are available on Feastly for just $70, all-inclusive. Yes, this is a steal, so don’t delay on getting your seat! (And first-time Feastly diners, you can use my code for $10 off!) I can’t wait to see you, especially around a table covered with delicious food prepared by one of my favorite chefs! See you!

Banh Tom Co Ngu: sweet potato, rock shrimp and salt cod tempura/fritter; photo courtesy of Rob Lam.

Bun rieu (from a previous dinner); photo courtesy of Rob Lam.
Chef Rob Lam of Butterfly. Photo courtesy of Butterfly.
The beautiful vineyards of Vinho Verde. Photo courtesy of Vinho Verde.

Event Info

           Friday Apr 15, 2016 6:30pm–9:30pm (ish) $70, all-inclusive Tickets            To be revealed before the event Mission District, San Francisco

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