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Jul 27, 2010 1 min read

Magnolia to Open a Brewery and Restaurant in Dogpatch

Magnolia to Open a Brewery and Restaurant in Dogpatch
Photo of Dave McLean by Jennifer Yin.
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I heard rumors that Dave McLean of Magnolia had a project brewing (heh) in Dogpatch, and he has kindly shared a “work in progress” update with me. What this means is zoning, planning, and other factors may come into play, but the plan is to open a small-scale production brewery, MAGNOLIA BREWERY, and on-site pub/restaurant in the American Industrial Center on 3rd Street (next to Mr. and Mrs. Miscellaneous, and across from Serpentine on 22nd Street). He mentioned how he’s been literally bursting at the seams with his Haight Street production, and can barely keep up with the needs at Magnolia and his other location, The Alembic. He’s actually having to turn away wholesale business for local bars and restaurants since he just can’t produce enough beer. (Yeah, that Proving Ground is popular stuff!) The new location would allow him to produce three times the amount (with a 20-barrel system), but it would still be on a small, craft level. He will also be freed up to do more barrel aging.

As for the restaurant, it’s still in its infancy as a concept, but he envisions a casual space, with a bit of an industrial and maritime vibe to fit the neighborhood style. He has enlisted Eric Hyde (Thermidor, Range, Serpentine) to design the space. (McLean also mentioned having wine on tap—and based on my own gossip tracking, I can safely say some of it will be from a new neighbor—more on that soon.) Timing is pointing toward spring of 2011, so I’ll keep you posted on updates. With the upcoming Piccino project, things just keep getting more exciting over there. 2505 3rd St. at 22nd St.

Photo of Dave McLean by Jennifer Yin.

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