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Apr 26, 2011 1 min read

New Beverages and Bites at Bushi-Tei

New Beverages and Bites at Bushi-Tei
Photo by Yelp’s Stacy D.
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Now that chef Michael Hung has taken the helm over at ~BUSHI-TEI~, one of the first changes to be released is the expanded beverage program, with 27 wines by the glass, and his sous chef, Nicole Lou, is creating a sake/shochu cocktail list (look for ingredients like umeboshi and genmai, the toasted brown rice used in teas). The new drinks ($9-$11) will be unveiled this Wednesday April 27th, along with a special appetizer menu to accompany the new beverages, available to guests sitting at the communal table.

The tapa-sized portions will range from $5-$7, featuring dishes like American Wagyu carpaccio with miso aioli, crispy shallots, and sansho leaf; shrimp and smoked bacon chawan mushi with honey dashi and toasted rice; and wild things onigiri, with ramps and stinging nettle aioli. I am looking forward to seeing how Hung’s menu develops; I always thought the space was really unique.

Photo by Yelp’s Stacy D.

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