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Mar 2, 2010 1 min read

New Café Coming to the TenderNob

New Café Coming to the TenderNob
Photo: Kelly Ishikawa; Art Direction & Styling: Rod Hipskind.
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Call it a quirky sort of destiny: David Williams of Hooker’s Sweet Treats will be opening a café in the TenderNob named after his addictive sea salt-orange cream-dark chocolate caramels. (The name is sure to make some neighborhood folks wonder exactly what kind of business he’s running.) Williams will also be offering espresso service, courtesy of Sightglass Coffee. The new space will allow him the room to do both manufacturing and selling of his caramels, in addition to potentially offering a monthly meal (let’s hope his gumbo makes the first appearance). While it’s a petite space (there will be room for about 14 folks), it’s sure to be high on style, since he’s working with Rod Hipskind and Kelly Ishikawa of The Perish Trust. And in case you’re wondering what was in the space previously, it was Chez Momo. He’s hoping for a late spring opening, perhaps mid- to late April—I’ll keep you posted. 442 Hyde St. at Ellis.

Photo: Kelly Ishikawa; Art Direction & Styling: Rod Hipskind.

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