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Nov 29, 2011 2 min read

Tidbits: Three Babes Bakeshop, Cookie Time Truck, Soul Groove, and More

Tidbits: Three Babes Bakeshop, Cookie Time Truck, Soul Groove, and More
Pie! From Three Babes Bakeshop (image from their website).
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The Inside Scoop broke the news that over in Cole Valley, THREE BABES BAKESHOP was opening a takeout shop for their pies (they are sharing the kitchen and retail space with the BACON BACON TRUCK) in the former Ashbury Market. Building owner Arnold Eric Wong leased the rest of the space to Ben Robinson of Harvest Hill market, who will be opening a grocery store.

Here are more details: Bacon Bacon is serving coffee, breakfast, and pastries in the morning starting at 7am, and you can pick up slices or entire pies (and hot pie!) from Three Babes (and yes, pie slices will soon be available in the morning, starting at 8am). In a couple weeks (starting December 11th), Three Babes will have chicken pot pies available on Sundays ($44 for a whole pie, which will feed 7-8 people, or $8 for a hearty individual pie, which could feed two). Open until 6pm daily. Follow Three Babes Bakeshop and Bacon Bacon truck on Twitter for updates and specials. 205a Frederick St. at Ashbury.

Over in Noe Valley, the COOKIE TIME TRUCK from Marina Snetkova is serving organic cookies (fresh out of the oven on the truck), as well as Straus milk, Bicycle Coffee, and Five Mountains Tea. Ends up there’s a little neighborhood drama with the owner of Martha & Bros.—hop on over to Eater for more on the kerfuffle (that should be a cookie name). The truck will be parked in a lot next to Haystack Pizza on 24th Street between Sanchez and Vicksburg Streets, and she hopes to join Off the Grid in the very near future. Since hours seem a bit up in the air, just followe the truck on Twitter for schedule updates.

Eater brought word that SOUL GROOVE was opening in the Duc Loi kitchen (where Mission Street Food’s Mission Burger was previously staked out). Well, they’re open and here’s what’s on the menu: a very evil fried chicken and waffle sandwich ($6). Actually, let’s have them tell you more: “a succulent boneless breast wrapped in bacon, battered, southern fried, nestled between two maple waffles, and served with maple barbecue sauce and jalapeno cole slaw. No big whoop.” Yeah, it’s gonna hurt you. Soul Groove will be serving daily from 8am-8pm, and popping up elsewhere in the evenings; follow updates on Twitter.

SFoodie reports FARM: TABLE’s owner Shannon Amitin will be opening a second location: a coffee kiosk in the Warfield Theater Building. There will be some bites available as well. Look for an opening in the end of January or February. 988 Market St. at Golden Gate.

Pie! From Three Babes Bakeshop (image from their website).

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