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Jul 12, 2011 1 min read

Two Fishy Dinners at Oliveto and Palio D'Asti

Two Fishy Dinners at Oliveto and Palio D'Asti
Oliveto’s sign. Photo via Oliveto.
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~OLIVETO~ is presenting the first of two Oceanic Dinners tonight through Friday July 15th, featuring sustainable seafood caught by small-boat fisherman from healthy fisheries along the California coast. The Oceanic Dinner menu will be available à la carte, along with the regular dinner menu. A sampling of the items include panna cotta of Fort Bragg sea urchin, involtino of Monterey Bay abalone, steamed petrale sole, and local sand dabs. The second of the Oceanic Dinners will feature Mid-Atlantic seafood from July 19th-July 22nd, and they promise to have a classic lobster roll and pan-fried black bass. There’s dessert too. 5655 College Ave. at Shafter, Oakland, 510-547-5356.

In another fish-focused menu, PALIO D’ASTI is honoring the ancient Sicilian tuna hunt known as La Mattanza by showcasing the versatility of local albacore and all its parts. The special menu items can be ordered individually, as a three-course Head to Tailfin menu, or as part of the prix-fixe Mix and Match menu. Items include a starter of albacore tuna belly two ways: seared and marinated with sweet and sour onions, and raw with Trapani sea salt on traditional eggplant relish with pine nuts, raisins, olives, and capers. You’ll also see parts like offal, roe, and back loin, cooked using traditional Sicilian recipes and cooking techniques. Palio’s also offering two hours free parking, lunch and dinner, in the Portsmouth Square garage. Nice. 640 Sacramento St. at Montgomery, 415-395-9800.

Oliveto’s sign. Photo via Oliveto.

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