Vegetarian Restaurant Source Opens This Week

Opening this Wednesday March 9th is ~SOURCE~, a vegetarian restaurant focused on international comfort food in the Design District. The partners in the project are also brothers: executive chef Mitchell Fox (who ironically got his start in their father’s butcher shop), and his brother, Andrew. The menu includes sandwiches, salads, vegetarian burgers, soups, dosas (almost all filled with non-traditional ingredients, like the Californian, which comes with avocado, tomato, black bean purée, baby spinach, and goat cheese), and a variety of entrées, like Jamaican jerk cluck (fake chicken) and vegetables with wild rice ($13.95), a variety of pasta dishes, and a vegetarian shepherd’s pie ($12.95). There will also be a variety of pizzas ($8.95-$13.95) from the gas-fired Mugnaini brick oven, featuring housemade mozzarella. All the desserts are vegan, and there is also an “elixir bar,” featuring fermented drinks, fruit juices, and non-alcoholic drinks designed to produce feelings of euphoria, calm, balance, and/or energy.

The interior has 50 seats, and check out these features: a DVD-generated changing color therapy system, a water wall installation, filtered and energized air, and the water will be triple filtered, ionized, and energized. There is also an outdoor and enclosed, heated patio with room for up to 30. The restaurant will be open daily for dinner; daily lunch starts Thursday, and weekend brunch will launch in two weeks. Good news for worker bees in the neighborhood: to-go service will be a specialty of the house. 11 Division St. at DeHaro, 415-864-9000.