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Jun 23, 2015 2 min read

We're Not Kitten Around: KitTea Is Open Right Meow!

We're Not Kitten Around: KitTea Is Open Right Meow!
The Cat Zone at KitTea. Photo from Facebook.
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A report by Dana Eastland. Well this is just the most purrrrrfect news (sorry): cat café KITTEA is opening in Hayes Valley tomorrow, Wednesday June 24th. After successfully crowdfunding the project last year, they’ve finally opened after lots of construction and permitting. The café has partnered with local cat rescue organizations like Give Me Shelter and Wonder Cat to provide the cats that live in the café’s “Cat Zone,” where visitors can visit with cats while enjoying their tea. All the cats are available for adoption through the organizations, and proceeds from the café will go to providing homes for even more cats.

The café has a pretty specific structure: it’s divided into two spaces, the main tearoom, where food and beverages are prepared, and the separate “Cat Zone,” where you can actually hang out with cats. A reservation in the Cat Zone is $25 for an hour and includes a bottomless pot of tea. Reservations for the Cat Zone can be made here. Anyone can come into the main room of the café at any time, but there won’t be any cats roaming there, just to be clear.

As for the tea, it’s all sourced from the same tea farm in Japan, and varieties include a matcha green tea as well as a genmaicha with toasted rice. There is also a food menu with snacks like cheesecakes in flavors including matcha, strawberry, and banana cream pie; macarons; doughnuts; and pastries from Native Baking Company, including the special calico bar. For more answers to questions about the cats, their comfort, and health, check out the FAQ page on KitTea’s website. Hours are daily 11am-8pm, and reservations can be made for the Cat Zone on their website, though please note that due to their insurance policy, no children under 12 can enter the Cat Zone. 98 Gough St. at Page, no phone.

The Cat Zone at KitTea. Photo from Facebook.

A very happy visitor to the Cat Zone at KitTea. Photo from Facebook.
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