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Nov 17, 2014 2 min read

This week's tablehopper: fly girl.

This week's tablehopper: fly girl.
The stunning grounds at José Maria de Fonseca, which date back to 1834. Instagram photo © tablehopper.com.
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Bom dia! Yours truly is back from an inspiring, action-packed trip to Portugal, learning all about Portuguese wine (with a bunch of somms and wine buyers!), cuisine, history, architecture, and more the past 10 days. I had outstanding seafood practically every day (so glad I finally got to check percebes off my “funky foods to try” list), and just about as many pastéis de nata too! I can’t wait to share the deets on friendly Lisboa. That city is quite special and so very simpatico to San Francisco (they should totally be sister cities). I couldn’t believe how inexpensive wine was, about €3 a glass. (Dangerous, that.) And the cheeses! So glad the little beagle in the airport didn’t find my suitcase treasures on my way home, heh heh.

I want to give a big fat thanks to Blacklane limousine service, who gave me the most stylin’ ride to the airport (in a sleek Mercedes S550, holla). My driver (who was waiting for me 30 minutes early!) helped me with my bag, which is a big deal when you live on the top floor of your rickety Edwardian building, let me tell you. They have drivers in a bunch of cities around the world, so if you want car service in OG style for your next trip, check ‘em out. Obrigada, Blacklane!

The only major bummer of this whole trip is I came home with some nasty food poisoning (whether it was my last meal or the airline’s fault, I’m not sure) but I have been running at half-mast the past four days, ugh. NOT the way to come home. At least any weight I gained on this trip is gone, and then some. #silverlinings

Okay folks, this issue has a bit of food news catch-up for you, and we’re looking forward to Thanksgiving next week too. I’m taking Friday off to catch up on some other deadlines, so I’ll see you next Tuesday. Have a great week, enjoy the rain! I know, RAIN!

Ciao! Marcia Gagliardi

The stunning grounds at José Maria de Fonseca, which date back to 1834. Instagram photo © tablehopper.com.View tablehopper Newsletter from Tuesday, Nov 18 2014

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