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Sep 19, 2013 2 min read

This week's tablehopper: full dance card.

This week's tablehopper: full dance card.
Violet Flower Margarita at La Urbana. Photo: ©
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Hey there, ho there, hi there. Since I’m leaving for Italy next week (I know, I’d hate me too), I needed to visit some new places before I leave, and man, this week was a tour de force: Tuesday night was a preview/friends and family dinner at Fog City (opening Monday)—it makes me happy to see this SF classic get such fresh air whooshed through it. I am still thinking about the grilled beef tongue dish, and I had no idea how good the combination of pickles and housemade ranch dressing would prove to be. The South has many tasty secrets.

Wednesday night was a visit to 1760, and the hamachi with pluots, yuzu kosho, and puffed rice was what I’d like to call a killer app; I didn’t want the bowl of corn ravioli to end, oh lordy. And it’s worth noting the kitchen is open until 11pm nightly, so if you find yourself in need of a cocktail and a late-night bite, get this one on your radar. (It’s feels like a Nob Hill Nopa.)

Last night I was able to walk two blocks to dinner, to the newly opened La Urbana. It’s already in full swing, and the Acapulco-Manila cocktail was so unexpectedly good, my date and I had it twice (who knew two parts mezcal Agave de Cortés and one part sake would work so well?). I have also found my next hangover cure: The Mexican Dude, made with housemade horchata, vodka, mezcal, and espresso coffee liqueur on ice (although my friend and I were calling it “Dude, Where’s My Mezcal?”). Thank God they are so close (although having their mini Manchego quesadillas nearby is kind of dangerous).

The next two nights, I am happy to be off the track and enjoying some dinner parties. You looking for some things to do this weekend? Here’s a link to some pop-ups this weekend, there are two cool wine events on Saturday (or if meat and beer is more your speed, check out NotOberfest on Friday), you can visit Joyce Goldstein at her book signing in the 510, and you can check out the new “Bad Ass Brunch” at Jasper’s, or at Chambers in SF and A16 Rockridge, and Picnic at the Presidio on Sunday. Yeah, you have plenty to do.

Final notes: I wrote a piece for on the most recent cafés to open (caffeination is serious business in this town), and also on the liquid plan, I wrote up the latest beer halls, breweries, and wine bars for this week’s Beer + Wine issue of the San Francisco Bay Guardian.

Cheers! Marcia Gagliardi

Violet Flower Margarita at La Urbana. Photo: © tablehopper Newsletter from Friday, Sep 20 2013

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