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Jul 31, 2017 1 min read

This week's tablehopper: home sweet Tahoma/Stayhoma.

This week's tablehopper: home sweet Tahoma/Stayhoma.
Chambers Landing in the evening. Yes, it’s for real. Photo: ©
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Greetings from dreamy Lake Tahoe, gang. I’ve been enjoying some family time here at our cabin, and bonus, my parents bring their two cats up with them, so I’ve had plenty of entertainment with all the feline shenanigans. Caturday was ON.

I can’t believe the level of the lake, I haven’t seen it this high in years. It’s totally full! There’s water back up at the piers and lapping at the shore. It’s so gorgeous. (Although I did lose a little too much of my favorite beach at Sugar Pine Point. NOT COMPLAINING.) I’m just so happy to have the sun in my life and zero wind this past weekend. After living in San Francisco for (almost) 23 years, I’ve learned I have to escape the summer fog and BS wind or I go a little crazy. Shout-out to boss of me for creating my mobile job. Have laptop, will travel.

Today, I went super light on the news because I have been wanting to run this SF brunch piece for weeks, and I kept running out of time. I can’t write up places and travel pieces and sift through the onslaught of news all in the same week, so I hope you enjoy today’s piece. Small sidebar: if brunch at Rooh is catching your eye, you might want to wait for an upcoming tablehopper brunch there! Very soon. It’s in the works!

See you next week! Marcia Gagliardi

Chambers Landing in the evening. Yes, it’s for real. Photo: © tablehopper Newsletter from Tuesday, Aug  1 2017

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