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Sep 14, 2015 2 min read

This week's tablehopper: not basic.

This week's tablehopper: not basic.
Taste the rainbow—an array of Danny Louie’s fantastic cocktails at Chino. Photo: © tablehopper.com.
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How’s tricks? I think I recovered from my week o’ eating extravaganza. It was pretty stellar, from exploring the new 15-course menu at 1601 Bar & Kitchen (it still blows my mind how many people haven’t eaten there yet—the place is SO GOOD, people, trust me!) to checking out chef Ron Pei’s new menu at Chino (wait until you try the kimchi clams and mu shu-style braised lamb, and the XLB are on point).

I also got to attend a Moroccan feast at EatWith host Laila’s home (my meal was unrelated to this, but EatWith kindly sponsored last week’s column—thanks EatWith!).

It was also my sister’s 40th birthday weekend, which included a visit to Zazie (she’s obsessed with eggs Benedict) and a family-and-friend feast at Yank Sing (their atrium is so great for large parties on the weekend, and their hospitality is amazing, what a team). Speaking of Yang Sing, you saw my SF Travel video that featured them, yes?

Sunday was Heritage BBQ at Smokestack, whoa. All the chefs really turned it out, and a shout-out to Mr. Espresso for having espresso nitro cold brew and latte coffee on tap—whoosh! I got a lot of writing done that night, someone was PERKY.

This week, we have new places for you to visit, and don’t forget the Eat Real Fest is happening this weekend, plus the SF Cheese Fest (I am looking forward to this!) and Plate by Plate, a fundraising dinner, and a few more events mentioned in today’s hopper. Looks like we’ll all be hitting the town.

Also of note: Friday September 18th is the opening date for East Side Sushi, a new and heartfelt film by Oakland filmmaker Anthony Lucero. It centers on Juana, a Latina single mother, and her quest to become a sushi chef, which brings up plenty of issues around gender and race. Check it out. And it was filmed on location in Oakland!

Cheers! Marcia Gagliardi

Taste the rainbow—an array of Danny Louie’s fantastic cocktails at Chino. Photo: © tablehopper.com.View tablehopper Newsletter from Tuesday, Sep 15 2015

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