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Mar 1, 2010 1 min read

This week's tablehopper: OCD (obsessive culinary disorder).

This week's tablehopper: OCD (obsessive culinary disorder).
Venison chili and a Manhattan at the Big 4.
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Cough cough, excuse me, oh, hi. What a lame week of illin’—I got nailed with a cold that had me sounding like Brenda Vaccaro, but then by the weekend my voice quickly devolved two octaves deeper, leaving me a dead ringer for Selma Bouvier from the Simpsons. Made it kind of hard to do my job—I couldn’t really interview people for a few days. At least a cab driver liked my voice. Yeah, creepy.

Feh, colds. That’s what bourbon is for! My friend and I had a perfect rainy day lunch at the Big 4 last Friday, complete with Manhattans and their venison chili. I also managed to get some cocktail medicine at Boot and Shoe Service in Oakland with their Fata Morgana, a total enchantress comprised of bourbon, blood orange, Amaro Nonino, dry vermouth, and cardamom. Hubba, feeling much better, thanks.

And when things got really rough, it was time for turnip and pork rib soup at Taste of Formosa, and a seaweed-pork-tofu soup at Sunny Shanghai in San Bruno (xiao long bao/Shanghai soup dumplings are also really fab when you’re sick). For those of you suffering from the same lame cold, you’ll find more feel-good options in today’s fresh meat review of OTD (Out the Door) on Bush.

But fortunately I am turning the corner on this thing, and just in time, because the countdown begins now: my book launches in one week (woot!), and I am going to be one bizzee ladee.

Keep dry, toasty, and healthy, mmmmkay?

Marcia Gagliardi

Venison chili and a Manhattan at the Big 4.View tablehopper Newsletter from Tuesday, Mar  2 2010

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