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May 24, 2012 1 min read

This week's tablehopper: room service.

This week's tablehopper: room service.
In-room gin and tonic cocktail service at the Mandarin Oriental. Photo: ©
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Okay, really wind? That’s about enough. It’s making any woman with long hair or anyone who rides a bike really fussy, and let’s just say I have both of those categories covered. Whatever, I’ll be burning off any of my wind-induced fussiness later tonight on the dance floor.

Personally, I am still reeling from the spectacular Dita Von Teese show at The Fillmore on Tuesday night, what a night to remember for all time! I was also lucky to stay the night at the renovated Mandarin Oriental. Nothing like having a view from the 40th floor—which isn’t very common in our city, it feels so much more New Yorky. The rooms reminded me a bit of the Wynn Las Vegas—very chic, with a calming and neutral color palette (and good art!). The fabulous team there also spoiled me and my cohort with in-room gin and tonic service before we headed out on the town—it was a preview of their upcoming bar program by Priscilla Young in the lounge at Brasserie S&P (stand by for more on that soon). Hell, I really could use some in-room gin and tonic service right now at Hopper HQ.

I am sure many of you have already peeled out for the three-day weekend (good for you), but for those of you still killing time in the office, here’s a little review of Park Tavern—if you’re looking for a new brunch spot to hit up, here’s your target. Oh, speaking of brunch, Slow Club and Serpentine will both conveniently be open on Monday from 10am-2:30pm (but closed for dinner, FYI). Don’t forget there is also a luau on Monday with the Namu gang. Last but not least, I have some 707 news for you, courtesy of new 707 Scout writer Heather Irwin.

Have a swell holiday weekend, see you Tuesday. Oh, and Happy 75th Birthday, Golden Gate Bridge!

Marcia Gagliardi

In-room gin and tonic cocktail service at the Mandarin Oriental. Photo: © tablehopper Newsletter from Friday, May 25 2012

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