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Nov 9, 2020 4 min read

This week's tablehopper: we did it.

This week's tablehopper: we did it.
The ridonkulously good Western Addition oysters at The Anchovy Bar. Hear all about them (and many other incredible dishes) in the upcoming On the Fly podcast episode with chef Stuart Brioza! Photo: ©
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Whooooohoooooo. What a rollercoaster of emotions we’re on. Breaking the waves. Waking up on Saturday to the news of a Biden and Harris presidency brought such joy and deep relief—the best feeling I’ve had the past eight months, that’s for damned sure. You also don’t realize how much you’ve been holding your breath until you can let it go. (I felt like a human Champagne bottle with a cork flying off!)

Over the weekend, a friend asked how I’ve been doing, and I said I had such a strange feeling of exhilarated exhaustion. I feel like I could sleep for fifteen hours every night, no problem, and the time change only supports me in this desire. I know we’re all sorting through a mix of deep and profound feelings that have been kicked up, and looking at the hard work of healing this nation that lies ahead and reversing so much damage. Here’s to blue skies, instead of toxic orange ones.

And then we have this afternoon’s news that San Francisco is rolling back indoor dining, which is ending Friday night. It’s distressing to read in this press release from the city that since October 2nd, San Francisco has experienced a 250 percent increase in COVID-19 cases, and the number of new cases per day per 100,000 people has more than doubled over the last three weeks. We have to do our part to flatten this surge of cases, batten down the hatches, and ensure the safety of our essential workers and citizens.

This is devastating news for so many restaurants that have expanded operations for indoor dining, so please support your local favorites with takeout, outdoor dining, and any other ways you can, from promotion to your friends to big tips to buying gift certificates. The SFOEWD has thankfully announced some additional assistance to small businesses is coming, take a look for upcoming grants and more.

One big adjustment happening this year is around Thanksgiving. Many folks won’t be returning home to celebrate (wise move), and our gatherings need to be much smaller and safer. Thanksgiving is a big culinary undertaking, and one way you can support local restaurants and businesses is to buy Thanksgiving meals, sides, and pies from them. I’m seeing a bunch of incredible meals and offers, and am posting updates to my Instagram Highlights and Stories daily (look for the trio of turkeys). Gobble gobble.

Thanksgiving this year will also be without Dungeness crabs—the commercial crab fishing season has been delayed until December 1st. And for a good reason—it’s to allow space for humpback whales to migrate south safely without getting entangled in fishing gear. We’ll just have something to look forward to next month (if you don’t have any recreational/sport fisher friends).

Now, some exciting news! I’m so fired up about today’s sponsored event announcement with SipSend and JuNi! Next Thursday November 19th, it’s time to treat yourself! We’re going to be hosting a special virtual tasting event, featuring an over-the-top, omakase-at-home sushi box from JuNi, with five beverage pairings (wine and sake). I’ll be moderating the event with SipSend founder Martin Sheehan-Stross and JuNi wine director Justin Chin. I know this one is a bit of a splurge, but let me be the first to tell you that you deserve it, sweetie! There’s an extremely limited number of boxes and pairing kits, so act quickly. More details below. (And if you want to order more than one beverage pairing kit for yourself, go for it!) Look forward to seeing you—virtually—next week!

More treats for you: this week’s upcoming episode of the On the Fly podcast by tablehopper is with chef-owner Stuart Brioza of State Bird Provisions, The Progress, and the newly opened The Anchovy Bar. You’ll hear some backstory of what it’s like to open a restaurant during a pandemic (yeah, it’s intense), but it’s also going to be such a hunger-inducing episode—I loved taking a deep dive with Stuart about many of the incredible dishes on the menu. You’re going to love it. Subscribe on Spotify, Apple Podcasts, or wherever you listen to podcasts and don’t miss it.

Many thanks to Edible San Francisco for including a mention of On the Fly in their recent newsletter, Eat. Drink. Think., and you really should subscribe to this quality newsletter! Editor Bruce Cole curates some excellent tidbits, articles, and more every week. Tasty stuff.

I also want to thank the Financial Times for speaking with me while preparing their article on outdoor dining in SF. See you on the patio!

Stand by for a bunch of posts on Instagram (@tablehopper) from me in the coming days…between following the election and being out of town in LA for my birthday (thanks to all of you for the kind wishes), I have some serious catch-up to do. I’m working slowly, and feeling so utterly distracted. I’m just trying to take it all day by day, like you. It’s all we can do.

Best wishes. Marcia Gagliardi

The ridonkulously good Western Addition oysters at The Anchovy Bar. Hear all about them (and many other incredible dishes) in the upcoming On the Fly podcast episode with chef Stuart Brioza! Photo: © tablehopper Newsletter from Tuesday, Nov 10 2020

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