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Nov 9, 2010 1 min read

A New Hideout Built for Drinking Wine

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I received an email from Nirvino mentioning an event tonight, November 9th, in CANTINA’s new “Bodega de Cantina,” which of course made me say, “huh?” After a phone call with owner Duggan McDonnell, he put me in touch with his Cantina colleague, Christine Prentice, who has put together a special wine list for Tuesday and Wednesday night tastings in the downstairs bar. There are 16-17 wines available by the glass, with a total of 24 bottles, including some South American selections, along with French and Californian wines. Oh yeah, and some beers—but no cocktails downstairs. There will also be salumi, from Fatted Calf and other purveyors, plus cheeses are available.

Prentice said the vibe is more laid-back than the upstairs, with softer lighting, music, a couch, a cool installation from a local artist, and room for about 30 people to hang out and catch up. Sounds like a nice place to unwind after work; Tue-Wed 5pm-12am. As for tonight’s sneak peek event with Nirvino, you can read all the details and get tickets here. 580 Sutter St. at Mason.

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