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Jan 29, 2013 1 min read

Daniel Hyatt Has Left the Alembic

Daniel Hyatt Has Left the Alembic
Daniel Hyatt at The Alembic; photo via Facebook by Claypool Cellars.
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Last week I tweeted the news that bar manager Daniel Hyatt has left ~THE ALEMBIC~, after six-plus years behind the stick there. I got to catch up with him yesterday with what’s next. No, he’s not leaving to become a brand ambassador (bless). For the next couple of months, he’s just happy to be living like a normal human being (and not a bar vampire). He said he’ll be doing a few shifts and events here and there, and some potential future pop-ups with Boris Portnoy of Satellite Republic.

Eventually he says he’d like to open something of his own. He left on good terms with Dave McLean (who also owns Magnolia), but he said probably won’t be doing the whiskey list for McLean’s upcoming Dogpatch brewery and barbecue restaurant (stand by for an update on that project soon).

While many will miss Hyatt’s bluesy cool, quick wit, and wicked dranks, we’ll just need to see what’s next for the man—you can’t keep that kind of creativity hidden away for long.

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