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Jan 10, 2012 1 min read

Gold Dust Lounge in Danger of Eviction

Gold Dust Lounge in Danger of Eviction
The sign for the ladies’ room at the Gold Dust Lounge. Yup, it says “Bustles.” Photo: ©
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I was very sorry to hear the GOLD DUST LOUNGE in Union Square is facing eviction. Scoop reports the owner, Tasios Bovis, has been told his lease is cancelled and he is supposed to vacate in the next three months so a Chicago-based clothing company can move in.

Um, hello, this bar has been open since 1906! Wait, someone else says 1905. Anyway, that’s a long-ass time it’s been open. Bovis is appealing to City Hall—stand by for more about what can be done to protest the eviction. I personally love this kooky and historic bar, and all the bleary-eyed times I’ve had there. I really hope we can save it. You can follow @GoldDustLounge on Twitter and Facebook for updates on how to help. 247 Powell St. at Geary, 415-397-1695.

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