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Nov 26, 2023 2 min read

The tablehopper Hella Cyber Subscription Sale

The tablehopper Hella Cyber Subscription Sale
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⚡️ This way to the Oh-So-Cyber Sale! ⚡️

Oh yeahhhh, it’s time for a big ole 😎 CYBER SALE 😎 here at Hopper HQ. I’ve read no one wants anything under 30 percent off, so, let’s do this. From now until midnight on Wednesday November 29th (at 11:59pm), you can take 30 percent off all tablehopper annual subscriptions! What?! Whoa! Save almost $45 to become an annual supporting subscriber! Yup, that’s one fat discount, one of the best sales of the year. I really want you to join me at the table.

Start getting all the extra content, perks, hot tips, and insider access tablehopper supporting subscribers enjoy, now for just $8.69/month, about the cost of a regular burrito at El Farolito (no cheese). But a tablehopper subscription is super, baby.

Feel like leveling up? Take 30 percent off a Patron subscription and really put some gas in my tank (and enjoy some great perks). Your subscription also helps subsidize a subscription for someone who can’t afford one! Thank you!

But here’s the pro holiday move: Super Patrons get 30 percent off an annual subscription, and they also receive an extra subscription that they can gift to whoever they want! So, it’s a win/win for you, me (thanks!), and one lucky recipient of a gift subscription 🎁 to tablehopper (one size fits all!).

Thank you so much for supporting my work. As a member-supported and independent publication (17 years and counting!), I really can’t do this without you. And I have some really exciting things coming up for subscribers in 2024, so get on board now! 🚀

The Hella Cyber Subscription Sale ends at midnight on Wednesday November 29th (11:59pm).

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