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Feb 28, 2023 12 min read

This week’s tablehopper: coming in like a lion.

This week’s tablehopper: coming in like a lion.
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what’s cookin’

cannelloni the sausage factory castro restaurant san francisco red sauce joint
It’s definitely cannelloni weather! Stand by for my upcoming piece on The Sausage Factory. Photo: ©

Hello, fabulous subscribers. I want to thank all of you who have subscribed to tablehopper this past month! I so appreciate your kind support for my work—it means so much to know I can continue writing and growing tablehopper (and pay for this entire redesign!) with your help. Thanks for playing a big part in securing tablehopper’s future.

And thanks to the generosity of all you star Patrons and Super Patrons, I’m able to offer some readers a subsidized annual subscription to the tablehopper newsletter. (I’m launching that application today!) You can always upgrade your subscription level if you want more access, more perks, and enjoy paying it forward for others (and really want to help me dial tablehopper to 11!).

Speaking of tablehopper Super Patrons, tremendous thanks to:
-Joan Simon/Full Plate Restaurant Consulting
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And huge thanks to tablehopper Patrons:
-Dadascope Communications
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There are other Patrons/Super Patrons who have chosen to remain anonymous, or haven’t gotten back to me yet on how they’d like to be listed 😉, so stand by for more shout-outs soon! Love and gratitude to every single one of you.

Since you subscribed early, you were automatically entered in the giveaway for the Proclamation Goods Duo. I already chose our winner, but our friends at Proclamation Goods want to offer you $25 off a Duo cookware set with code tablehopper. Mwah!

Can you believe it’s the last day of February? I need a break from this disgusting weather. It’s a lot like this lousy illness that just won’t leave my body (15 days and counting)—I have been exhausted. So yeah, it’s definitely curl-up-and-watch-a-movie weather. I want to point you to Exposing Muybridge, a fascinating documentary I just watched on Prime video about the pioneering photographer Eadweard Muybridge, known for his studies of motion and early work in motion-picture projection. Locally, we also know him for his 1878 panorama of SF and his photographs of the West. He was quite the challenging character, but also so bold and visionary. I adored Gary Oldman’s commentary in the documentary, he’s the best. We need more Gary.

I also started watching Cara Delevingne’s new docuseries, Planet Sex (on Hulu). She explores gender, identity, relationships, and sexuality around the world, and I’m loving how personal, frank, educational, and inclusive it is. Go, sis! Check it out!

Back to food: did you happen to see this wonderful feature on food photographer Eric Wolfinger? He’s no longer living in SF, wah, but is such an integral part of our local food scene—I wanted to be sure you saw it.

OK, it’s time to dive in to this week’s news. (And how about some of those cannelloni pictured above?)


the chatterbox

crab louie salad popi's oysterette marina restaurant seafood san francisco
Check out this gorgeous crab Louie at Popi’s Oysterette. Photo: ©

New Openings: Popi’s Oysterette, Orafo at Four Seasons

Over the weekend, I got to attend a friends-and-family test lunch at Popi’s Oysterette, the new SF seafood counter in the Marina I told you all about a couple weeks ago. Chef-partner Melissa Perfit is giving us the seafood menu of our dreams (check my Instagram post for some delicious evidence). They’re open daily for lunch this week 12pm–2pm, and next week will stay open straight through to dinner. 2095 Chestnut St. at Steiner.

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