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Jul 2, 2012 2 min read

Fourth of July Options Around Town (and Across the Bridges)

Fourth of July Options Around Town (and Across the Bridges)
The view of the Golden Gate from Cavallo Point. Photo from website.
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Fourth of July is upon us tomorrow, and you’ve got to do something to celebrate independence, summer, and good ole American food traditions. Here are some of the special events happening around town, and beyond.

For all this summer celebrating, you’ll need some sunshine, so head to the sunny part of town for a barbecue. From 4pm until sunset, ROCK BAR will be hosting a special barbecue. Matt Marcus, the chef from their partner restaurant, ~THE FRONT PORCH~, will be in charge of the food, and it’s a steal at five bucks a plate. Rock Bar will be open until their usual closing time of 2am. Please note that The Front Porch will be closed for the holiday. 80 29th St. at San Jose, 415-550-6664.

Nothing says American food quite like a burger, and nothing says Fourth of July like grilling. ~MAVERICK~ will be celebrating with their serious burger specimen, the Bacon Butter Burger, for $13. This special burger is made with Meyer Ranch chuck, then cured overnight with butter and bacon for extra chutzpah. You can add an over-easy egg, too, to celebrate your own independence from caring about your waistline. They usually keep this baby reserved for Saturdays, but it will be on the menu for the Fourth. Open 5:30pm-10pm.

If you have the day off, and you want to go get your brunch heat on, don’t forget ~DON PISTO’S~ in North Beach is open for brunch during the week, with bottomless mimosas, ay yi yi. Open 11am-3pm for brunch.

If you want to celebrate America with a trip across one of its greatest landmarks, head over the Golden Gate Bridge to CAVALLO POINT LODGE, which also features views of the bridge. There will be a variety of offers and events at the lodge, for both day-trippers and those looking to spend the night; check their website for details. From 11:30am-7pm, they will be serving barbecue outside on their Callippe Terrace, with wine or ice-cold beer. In the evening, Sausalito’s fireworks will hopefully be visible from the lodge, depending on fog conditions (this is July in the Bay Area, after all!). Tickets are $100 for two and can be purchased on their website.

Few things celebrate independence quite like the gloriously free-spirited, melting-pot spirit of food trucks. OFF THE GRID will be putting on a dinner market in North Berkeley, featuring 11 food trucks. Keep an eye out for some “Only in America” mash-up dishes, like lemongrass burgers and Punjabi beef Philly cheesesteaks. Nearby SAUL’S DELICATESSEN will be offering beer service, and you can picnic on the median. Serving 5pm-9pm. Shattuck Ave., between Rose St. and Vine St., Berkeley. More event information can be found here.

The view of the Golden Gate from Cavallo Point. Photo from website.

The Bacon Butter Burger at Maverick. Photo from Facebook.

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           Wednesday Jul  4, 2012 – Wednesday Jul  4, 2012

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