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Dec 11, 2012 1 min read

(Sponsored): Earn Holiday Rewards from Foodspotting!

(Sponsored): Earn Holiday Rewards from Foodspotting!
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Ever wish that you could get paid for taking pictures of food? Well, you’re in luck: Foodspotting has an awesome Holiday Rewards program!

This December, earn cash or rewards by taking photos of entrées at more than 70 of our favorite SF restaurants, from Nopa to Rich Table (you’ll earn 250 rewards points per restaurant). At the end of December, you can redeem these points for cash and prizes like: Giftly gift cards ($25-50) to ANY restaurant of your choice; Foodspotting shirts and cases from our Foodspotting store; our uber-rare Alternative Apparel hoodies; and fish-eye, telephoto, wide-angle, and macro lenses for your mobile phone from Photojojo!

Find the full list of prizes and restaurants here, or check out the “Specials” tab on Foodspotting’s iPhone or Android app! Don’t say we never give you anything, ‘cause now you’ve got a way to earn rewards just for taking pictures of the food you love! You’re welcome.

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