(Sponsored): Say Hello to Carta Coffee--100% Farm-to-Cup Kona Coffee

We hope you all celebrated National Coffee Day on Tuesday! We sure did, and used the surge of energy to launch our Kickstarter campaign! For many of us, every day is a celebration of our coffee, and we’d be hard-pressed to get our shoes on the right feet without it. But given that the official day to fête our favorite morning beverage was just this week, we’re thinking a special celebration is in order. What better way to honor the roasted bean than by getting your hands on a new, hand-harvested, farm-to-cup American coffee made in Kona, Hawaii, by a California winemaker-turned-coffee farmer? (Hint: there IS no better way).

Carta Coffee Merchants is a new start-up farm and coffee venture dedicated to producing the finest 100 percent Kona coffee expressions. Carta Coffee just launched a Kickstarter campaign to offer coffee lovers an exclusive chance to preorder its first release of artisan roasts (and to help with planting those 2,000 new coffee trees!). Foodies take note: Carta founder Scott Burr is using his winemaking background to present some really innovative techniques to his customers that no one else is doing, including side-by-side tasting samplers showcasing two different production processes.

Already excited about bringing this taste of Hawaii home with you? Well, it gets better: Carta is offering tablehopper readers a chance to double their coffee rewards. Back Carta’s Kickstarter campaign with $25 or more and email proof of your donation to tablehopper. The first 10 supporters will automatically win extra Carta Coffee, along with a Carta Coffee Merchants mug, T-shirt, French press, or other gift item. The extra coffee alone is valued at roughly $40!

Follow Carta’s farm-to-cup journey on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. Cheers to good coffee!