Clive Owen

April 6, 2021

Just a week ago, ~Clive Owen~ dined with father-and-son directors Philip and Peter Kaufman at ~KOKKARI~. The party of six had the rotisserie spring lamb, asparagus, petrale sole, lavraki sea bass, and Kokkari potatoes. The group was discreetly seated in the rear dining room. Perhaps the Hemingway & Gellhorn team are discussing a new project? (They used to dine at Kokkari when they were filming Hemingway & Gellhorn—Nicole Kidman used to order takeout for her and her family.)

July 22, 2014

The dreamy ~Clive Owen~ was spotted again last week, on Tuesday evening at Kokkari. Our spotter said he was there with a large group of 14 or so.

July 15, 2014

Dashing English actor ~Clive Owen~ was spotted enjoying coffee this morning at Rose’s Café, according to a tweet tip we received.

April 10, 2012

According to Leah Garchik, the dashing ~Clive Owen~ “had dinner at Bix Wednesday with Phil Kaufman (who directed him in HBO’s forthcoming “Hemingway & Gellhorn”) and Jeannette Etheredge.” Further details: he liked the Scarpetta Barbera.

May 10, 2011

Super-hottie ~Clive Owen~ was spotted at Twenty Five Lusk (again!) with the producer of Hemingway & Gellhorn last Monday evening, and stayed until the lounge closed. (This is the third or fourth time he’s been in, so it’s safe to say he’s a fan!)

Also, actor and comedian ~Bill Bellamy~ visited the bar, dining on the lobster rolls, and he seemed to like the SF Yacht Club cocktail.

March 29, 2011

Mister Man About Town, ~Clive Owen~ was spotted at A16 on Friday night (thanks to one of my readers for tweeting the sighting to me). An A16 regular tells me Clive has been there more than once, and he appears to be quite the oenophile. (Will his charms never cease? Criminy. Hey Clive, if you’d like a wining/dining buddy, give the Hopstress a call, why doncha?)

March 22, 2011

A barista at Contraband Coffee on Larkin writes “~Clive Owen~ was coming on a daily basis for a while; he hasn’t been in a few days. I think I wasn’t making his cappuccinos hot enough.” Grub Street (by way of Leah Garchik and a tweet from the Dapper Diner) mentioned Clive was also spotted at Frances and A16.

March 8, 2011

How convenient, my very own flesh and blood sent in a star sighting. My sister was dining at Heirloom Café in the Mission, and ~Clive Owen~ sauntered in solo at the end of her meal, seating himself with some dining partners at the communal table. (He’s in town shooting Hemingway & Gellhorn with Nicole Kidman.)

February 15, 2011

Hottie actor ~Clive Owen~—presumably in town for the filming of Hemingway & Gellhorn with Nicole Kidman—was spotted with Metallica drummer ~Lars Ulrich~ in Harry Denton’s Starlight Room (not together) last Wednesday, but then two nights later, they were spotted together having drinks in the lounge at Twenty Five Lusk. New drinking buddies?

November 9, 2010

I love it when some serious star wattage glows in random places, like the Dogpatch! Both ~Clive Owen~ and ~Nicole Kidman~ were spotted at Piccino on separate days. The tablehopper reader (and Piccino regular) reports Ms. Kidman was “majestically tall” and appeared to be eating a salad and funghi pizza.

And according to Leah Garchik, the duo were also spotted dining at Kokkari with filmmakers Phil and Peter Kaufman—“They will star in the Kaufmans’ movie about Ernest Hemingway [for HBO]; Owen as Hemingway and Kidman as Martha Gellhorn [a journalist, and one of Hemingway’s wives].”