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Nov 9, 2010 1 min read

Ed Burns

Table of Contents

Burns at Bambino

November  9, 2010

Ed Burns was at Bar Bambino with his mother-in-law (aka Christy Turlington’s mom) with a big party up front. He faced the street and kept a low profile. Christy apparently loves Bar Bambino and recommended he go there. They had salumi, cheese, and vino.

Hot Mimbo Action

March  9, 2010

Okay, this sighting was pretty priceless. Actually, a sighting and eavesdropping.  Christy Turlington and Ed Burns reportedly spent the weekend in Napa, stayed at BARDESSONO, and dined at BOTTEGA on Friday. GastroMania tweeted these hilarious “overheard” quotes: “OH Ed Burns, sitting next to us, with Christy Turlington, about a croque madame: ‘if it’s just a ham-n-cheese sandwich, why the fancy name?’” [Ed. note: Well, it’s not just a ham and cheese sandwich, that would be a croque monsieur, but no matter.]

And then this gem: “It’s getting better and better. OH Ed Burns, after being told that the coffee he is drinking is Blue Bottle: ‘how do you spell that?’” [Ed. note: Maybe all that French made him nervous and he forgot he knew English.]

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