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Jun 5, 2012 1 min read

Picking Up John Waters

Picking Up John Waters
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The John Waters fun continues. Remember how last week I mentioned Mr. Waters was hitchhiking across the country? Well, it ends up that during his travels he stopped to eat at Campo in Reno last Monday evening, the new restaurant from my buddy Mark Estee (I was a big fan of his Truckee restaurant, Moody’s).

Well, Mark writes in to tell me, “Tuesday am, my wife and I are headed to St. Helena to run a few errands…knew JW was on the road because he ate with us night before…Who do I see at the on-ramp but the man himself…We pick him up and drive him to a rest stop at Vallejo…Here’s the line of the day: ‘Hi I am John Waters and I am hitching across the USA writing a book, thanks for picking me up.’ I say, ‘Hi I am Mark Estee and I served you your steak rare last night at Campo.’ We had a blast in the car for three hours…What a great, funny, cool cat!” Indeed.

Chef Mark Estee and John Waters at the on-ramp. Photo courtesy of Mark Estee.

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