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Nov 5, 2013 1 min read

Robert Redford

Table of Contents

The Sundance Kid Got Thirsty

November  5, 2013

The news was just released about the closure of the Big 4, and who should come in for a drink at the bar but the one and only Robert Redford (thanks to Dapper Diner for the sighting). Yet another compelling reason why we need to keep that bar intact and not mess with it: Robert Redford goes there for a drink.

The Sundance Kid Swings by Marlowe

March 27, 2012

Here’s a good one for you: Robert Redford walked in to Marlowe last night with six others around 7:30pm. They shared wine, a few snacks, and laughs—he was reportedly very gracious. Redford is currently filming a documentary with his son called Watershed, in an attempt to raise awareness about the environmental threats to the Colorado River system. (Read more about the doc here.)

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