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Mar 6, 2012 1 min read

Takeo Spikes

Table of Contents

Sporty Sighting

March  6, 2012

A tablehopper reader writes in to say, “Last Sunday (2/26) I sat next to Takeo Spikes (NFL linebacker for the Chargers and former SF 49er) at Mamacita.”

Hard Hits and Guitar Licks

December  7, 2010

Newcomer TWENTY FIVE LUSK had some special guests over the weekend: on Friday evening, #51 and linebacker for the San Francisco 49ers, Takeo Spikes dined there with a lady friend. While trying to keep a low profile, the back collar of his shirt kept him from flying under the radar… it was embroidered “T Spikes.”

And then on Saturday evening, Metallica dined with their wives to celebrate Kirk Hammett’s birthday. Rock!

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