Pete Mulvihill of Green Apple Books recommends

By Pete Mulvihill of Green Apple Books

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Roast Chicken and Other Stories by Simon Hopkinson was released last September. We ordered a copy blindly (it looked pretty), and there it languished on our shelves untouched until early December. Then, in a New York Times round-up of the best cookbooks of 2007, Dwight Garner lauded this book so profusely and convincingly that our copy sold before I could even check it out.

We saw the review and promptly ordered 20 more copies, thinking it might be a big Christmas book for us. But the publishers and distributors were all wiped out. So I (and countless others) waited until a new printing arrived last week to get our hands on this gem of a food book.

The review says it more eloquently than I can, so check it out here. To tempt you, here are some key phrases that may make you want this book as badly as I did:

* “the most useful cookbook of all time,”
* “a no-nonsense manifesto about eating”
* “Hopkinson is all about pleasing—he will not do fandangos at an ingredient's expense”
* “Imagine an entire book with four to five simple and extraordinary ways to prepare most of the foods you come in contact with on a regular basis, and you'll have imagined this nearly flawless book.”

Perhaps you won't use the brains or liver chapters too often (perhaps you will—what do I know?), but this is a unique, charming, handsome, and affordable little tome. The kind of cookbook you can read in bed, not just refer to in the kitchen. I think you'll enjoy it as I much as I enjoyed the Brandade de Morue I made from it over the weekend. Mmmm, creamy goodness.

Thanks for reading.