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Dec 11, 2012 1 min read

4505 Meats Opening a Butcher Shop This Saturday

4505 Meats Opening a Butcher Shop This Saturday
Meats! From 4505 Meats’ Facebook page.
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Dear God, after lamenting for years that all Rainbow Grocery needed was for someone to open a butcher shop next door, finally someone has done it. Well, four blocks away anyway. And not just anyone, but Ryan Farr of 4505 MEATS. The butcher shop will feature a variety of raw cuts of beef, pork, lamb, chicken, sausages, bones, fat, and stock, plus prepared items like pork green chile, deli meats, and terrines en croute.

Need a bite RIGHT NOW? You can also order ready-to-eat hot 4505 sausages and dogs with housemade sauerkraut and mustard, plus the totally insane ‘Zilla Dog (a bacon-studded hot dog smothered in chicharrones and Namu kimchi), and smoked meat by the pound (4505 now has a big-ass smoker). And, of course, chicharrones. Bonus: your holiday needs will be covered: you can pick up smoked hams, stuffed pork roasts, truffled geese, and other holiday treats. Ryan and his wife Cesalee are also working on a larger concept in a different location of the Mission, which they hope to open next year—more on that soon. Nope, they just aren’t busy enough. Hours are Wed-Sun 10am-6pm. Opening Saturday December 15th. 1909 Mission St. at 15th St., 415-255-3094.

One more tidbit: 4505 Meats will continue their appearances at the Ferry Plaza Farmers Markets on Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturday, the Mission Community Market on Thursday nights, and the Montclair Farmers’ Market (in Oakland) on Sundays. But did you know they are also appearing at the Divisadero Farmers Market on Sundays as well? I know, how fabulous. Just steaks and sausage for now, but they are working on hot food soon.

Meats! From 4505 Meats’ Facebook page.

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