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Dec 29, 2009 1 min read

A Grand Place for Coffee

A Grand Place for Coffee
Photo from Flickr: Anomalous_A.
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Coming in late January or early February will be a new coffee bar called ~GRAND COFFEE~ in the historic Grand Theater building in the Mission. The coffee bar will actually be in the old concession area of the theater (a 99¢ store is in the main theater part). The café is from Nabeel Silmi, a bartender at Foreign Cinema who has been there for almost three years. He’s going to be integrating a bartending approach to the barista craft, like shaking the iced coffees in a cocktail shaker. The coffee will be from Four Barrel, the machine is a La Marzocco paddle group, the tea is from Red Blossom Tea, and I also hear Silmi has an egg cream in the works, using seltzer from the Seltzer Sisters. It’s a tiny space, with a bar and counter inside, but there will also be a window on the street for quick and easy ordering. Silmi is excited to offer his spin (and shake) on coffee to the neighborhood. You can keep track of the café’s progress on their Twitter feed.

Photo from Flickr: Anomalous_A.

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