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Oct 18, 2011 1 min read

Coming Soon: A Seafood Spot (Lot 7) and a French Spot (Bouche)

Coming Soon: A Seafood Spot (Lot 7) and a French Spot (Bouche)
The logo for Lot 7.
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After some serious site stalking (thank you, faithful interns!), I heard back from owner Hani Desouky about his project going into 974 Valencia Street (previously Valencia Interiors). He tells me it’s going to be LOT 7, a raw bar serving oysters and sustainable seafood, plus some smoked choices, along with other dishes using organic proteins (plus vegan options). The Scoop reported James Montejano of Michael Mina was going to be the chef, but that is no longer the case. Desouky says there are other great chef candidates in the mix.

And now, sit back for a little history about the space and name. Back in the early 1980s, 974 Valencia was a music venue and art gallery. The name comes from being situated on lot seven on that block of Valencia, also tying in to the seven seas, seven continents, and San Francisco’s seven square miles. We’ll have to see if 7x7 throws a party there. The 40-seat space is slated to open in mid-November; there will also be a happy hour, with $5 beers, $6 wine, and other specials. Methinks this will be a great addition to the neighborhood. 974 Valencia St. at 21st St.

More on the crudo tip: the space that was the original Bar Crudo, and then Swell, will now be BOUCHE (a play on Bush). Inside Scoop reports Guillaume Issaverdens (Le Garage) will be opening the Cal-French small plates concept, timing TBD. Late-night hours (until 1am) will be part of the concept. Stand by! 603 Bush St. at Stockton.

The logo for Lot 7.

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